"Haunting tales of sorrow and perseverance." – The Associated Press
"An almost magic transformation of history into modern songwriting. A quiet, intricately researched and captivating effort that haunts long after the first listen. This is storytelling, songwriting and musicianship at its creative best." – No Depression
"Music is one way the stories of the war can be told and re-told, even if many of the battlefields in Atlanta, Nashville and other cities are now buried by neighborhoods and business districts." – The New York Times
"Somewhere between a harvest moon and a soft bed. Gorgeous." – Daytrotter
"A Critics’ Pick. Pristine arrangements with no hint of excess, with pithy and interesting lyrics." – Nashville Scene
"Nashville luminaries who write songs about history and war with heart-wrenching narrative weight."  - Flagpole
"A faint echo of past dreams, sweet yet maudlin." – Ink 19
"A shining example of some of the best and brightest women working in Music City today." – Tin Pan South
"Led by a voice like warm honey telling beautiful, nostalgic stories, Granville Automatic captures the timeless spirit and character of the South." – Coachella Valley (CA) Weekly
"Makes history come alive." – Columbia (SC) Free Times
"Think Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris when it comes to the Southern Gothic country tunes from this fine pair of singer/songwriters." – Santa Fe (NM) Reporter
"Narrative arc songs that remind of you when alt-country was just country." – Fine Living Lancaster (PA)

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